YT-CLI - YouTube Command Line Interface

Welcome to YT-CLI, a straightforward CLI tool for downloading YouTube videos.

Designed to be fast, efficient, and user-friendly, YT-CLI operates with precision and speed.

Version: 1.0.0

Key Features

  • Interactive Selection: No flags needed, provides a list for selection of the correct video.
  • Auto-Select: Automatically selects the first result with -a flag.
  • Download Video: Download YouTube video with -d flag.
  • Custom Directory: Specify a destination directory with -t when used with -d.
  • Direct Link: Download from a direct link or URL with -l flag.
  • Help: Use -h for help information.


  • Node.js
  • npm


P-Track can be acquired from various platforms:


npm install -g yt-cli

Arch User Repository (AUR):

For Arch Linux users, ptrack is available from on the AUR for all Arch or Arch based distro with the help of your favorite AUR helper, eg:

yay -Sy ptrack


yt-cli [options]


  • -a: Auto select first result.
  • -d: Download video.
  • -t: Used with -d, allows user to provide destination directory.
  • -l: Provide direct link or URL to video.
  • -h: Display help information.


# Auto-select and download first result
yt-cli -a -d

# Download video to a custom directory
yt-cli -d -t /path/to/directory

# Download from a direct link or URL
yt-cli -l


yt-cli is open source and licenced under the MIT/X Consortium license


If you encounter any problems or have suggestions for yt-cli, please open an issue on GitLab. We value your feedback and will respond as quickly as possible.