Saywoof - BARK Text-to-Speech Wrapper

Welcome to Saywoof, an easy to use wrapper for the BARK text-to-speech engine. The library provides a simple set of functions to quickly get started with Bark TTS.

Version: 0.1.0



pip install saywoof


conda install -c concise saywoof

From Source:

If you prefer to install from source, clone this repo, cd into it and run:

pip install -e .

# or python3 ./ install



  • -h, --help: Show help message and exit.
  • -l, --local: Load local model.
  • -L, --large: Load large model.
  • -s, --save: Save model.
  • -t, --text: Text to convert to speech.
  • -f, --file: File to convert to speech.
  • -o, --output: Output file name.
  • -r, --rate: Sample rate of output file.
  • -p, --persistent: Persistent mode.


Saywoof is open source and licenced under the MIT/X Consortium license


If you encounter any problems or have suggestions for Saywoof, please open an issue on GitLab. We value your feedback and will respond as quickly as possible.