P-Track - Progress Tracker

Welcome to ptrack, a powerful and user-friendly CLI utility for tracking the progress of your file operations.

Designed to be concise, efficient and performance-optimized, ptrack works swiftly and accurately, while providing in-depth insight into the progress of the task at hand.

Version: 2.0.2

Welcome to P-Track

Key Features

  • Progress Bar: ptrack comes equipped with an aesthetically pleasing progress bar that updates in real-time, giving you a visual representation of your ongoing file operation.
  • Verbose Mode: If you prefer a more in-depth perspective, ptrack has a verbose mode which displays detailed information about each file being processed.
  • Copying and Moving Files: ptrack supports both copying and moving files on any unix-like opperating system, including Linux, macOS, and BSD.
  • Downloading Files: ptrack can be used to download files from specified URLs. It will display the progress of the download in real-time, and will also display the download speed.
  • Interruption Handling: ptrack is built to respect your system's interruption signals. It will promptly stop operations when such signals are received, reducing the risk of data corruption.
  • High Performance: Above all, ptrack stands out for its speed and accuracy. It ensures your file operations are executed swiftly and with a high degree of precision.

Introducing ptrack's new file downloader

In the latest release, ptrack has made all around changes increasing the visible stats/details of file opperaitions.
This is easily noticable in features such as ptracks new file/URL downloader (ptd) or (ptrack -d):

New Downloads Update


P-Track can be acquired from various platforms:


pip install ptrack


conda install -c concise ptrack

Arch User Repository (AUR):

For Arch Linux users, ptrack is available from on the AUR for all Arch or Arch based distro with the help of your favorite AUR helper, eg:

yay -Sy ptrack

From Source:

If you prefer to install from source, clone this repo, cd into it and run:

pip install -e .

# or python3 ./setup.py install


The basic usage of ptrack isvery simple:

ptrack [-h] [-v] [-c] [-m] [-d] [-V] [SOURCE...] [DESTINATION]

### Downloading Files
  ptd [OPTIONS] URL(S)                 ( or ptrack -d URL(S) )

### Copying Files:

### Moving Files:

Refer to the User Guide for more detailed instructions and use-cases.


  • -h, --help show this help message and exit
  • -v, --verbose verbose output
  • -c, --copy copy files (You can use ptc instead of ptrack -c)
  • -m, --move move files (You can use ptm instead of ptrack -m)
  • -d, --download download files (You can use ptd instead of ptrack -d)
  • -V, --version show program's version number and exit

Regular Copy:

Regular Copy

Verbose Copy:

Verbose Copy


ptrack is open source and licenced under the MIT/X Consortium license


If you encounter any problems or have suggestions for ptrack, please open an issue on GitLab. We value your feedback and will respond as quickly as possible.